Our Story

Unable to find  a durable, simple and inexpensive backcountry ski that could climb and descend without compromise,  Snapperhead Inventions set out to create such a thing.

The marquette backcountry ski is largely designed around the topography (~600′  to ~2000′) and snow fall (~150″ – ~300″) of Marquette, Michigan. Granite, glacial-formed “mountains” and valleys create the perfect terrain for backcountry skiing. (We think that many other areas around the world will also enjoy the versatility and high fun to cost ratio.)

The ski was designed and is manufactured in Michigan. The commercialization process included a collective of individuals and companies scattered throughout the State and has generated a substantial investment and impact on the states economy (without government recovery money or incentives).

If you enjoy winter adventure without all the extra costs and logistics, then we think you will enjoy the marquette backcountry ski.

Snapperhead Inventions, LLC. was established in January of 2010 by Dave O., A serial entrepreneur who has been creating commercialized goods and services for the last 15 years. David’s ideas and innovations are fueled by creating the products he wants with commercialized solutions that can be shared with others. Former endeavors include: U.P. Mountain Biking Magazine,Active Magazine, Active-Online, Viosport Camera Systems, The Nordic Bay Lodge and V.I.O. Inc.