marquette backcountry ski
A short and wide ski, with an early rising tip, zero camber and a dash of sidecutA innovative base of 59 macro fish-scales creating about 60" of anti-slip contact with minimal effect on glidePart snowshoe - Part ski - All funA simple backcountry system that excels in deep powder over undulating terrainGreen Mountains, Vermontour preference is a 2 or 3 buckle plastic telemark/touring boot and the Voile HD binding (sans cable)

Backcountry Ski

5.00 out of 5
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Part snowshoe and part ski, the marquette backcountry ski gives you unprecedented winter access and fun. Climb up and slide down snow covered terrain.

Product weight is 9.25 lbs (4200 g) per pair. Each ski is 140cm L x 150mm W – check out the picture above for exact measurements.


Additional Information

Shipping weight 12.00 lbs
Shipping dimensions 56 x 7 x 6 in

USA: D649,611 S CAN: 142289 EUR: 001919598-0001


1 review for Backcountry Ski

    5 out of 5


    Perfect ski, should be availeable in camouflage design. Is it military tested ?
    Might be good for hunting as well. I think even senior aged people could handle it well.
    Mybe steel side rims should be added for better handling on icy tracks to easier throttle
    down speed in the “snow plough” mode classical curve style.

    • DJO


      Camouflage is a good idea- and yes these have been tested for and are deployed in a variety of tactical applications. And you are right we have older people enjoying backcountry skiing on them as the feel safe and controllable. Hunters and foresters are also finding them useful. Thanks for the comments

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